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Intreaba despre Lesson Plan : The Story Of The Two Travellers

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Lesson Plan : The Story Of The Two Travellers

 Q:   Intreaba despre Lesson Plan : The Story Of The Two Travellers       
Lesson Plan : The Story Of The Two Travellers English Teaching : LESSON PLANNING

Form: class 5 – optional English Through Stories And Fairy Tales
Level: lower intermediate (3rd year of study)
Time: 50’
Subject of the lesson: The Story Of The Two Travellers – A Fable By Aesop

Teaching aims:

- communicative aims:

• understanding words in context;
• increasing awareness about the way we learn vocabulary
• increasing cultural awareness about similarities and differences between Britons and Romanians in translating proverbs
• give personal meaning to the story

Learning aims: By the end of the lesson students will have:

• become aware of the way we learn new vocabulary
• internalized the new vocabulary
• Personalized English through dramatization
Skills: listening, speaking, writing , reading
Aids: the handouts, the blackboard,

Classroom management:

The classroom: must be clean, comfortable and bright; the chairs must be adapted for the activity and for the regroupings of the children.

Teacher’s attitude: moves around the class, keeps eye contact, focuses attention to whom is speaking, encourages and makes positive remarks, varies the tone of the voice, doesn’t interrupt students rudely for correcting mistakes, smiles, encourages.


- initial: through “warm-up” activity; through “regrouping” activity
- continue: through analysis of answers, activities, observation, stimulation, error correction;
- final: through oral feedback, homework


Warm – up: 5’

Intelligence addressed: kinesthetic, logical mathematical, linguistic, interpersonal
Aim: to help the students release stress.

1. The teacher greets the students and asks the students form groups based on key words from the studied fables:
The Ant and the Dove: bird-catcher, twig, dove, leaf, river, ant
The Crow and the Pitcher: quench, thirst, stones, beak, pitcher, crow
The Cock and the Pearl: barley, straw, cock, pearl, strut

Frozen statues: dramatization: 15 – 20’

Intelligence addressed: kinesthetic, linguistic, spatial, interpesonal, intrapersonal
The groups of students are asked to say out loud the title of the fable, the proverb learnt from the fable. Then the group freezes one of the scene of the fable and explains it to the rest of the class.
e.g. Gabi is the tree overhanging the river, Marius is the dove perched on a twig of the tree. He has a leaf in its beak (etc from The Ant and The Dove)
e.g. Adriana is the cock strutting in the farmyard among the chicks and hens. Alexandra is the pearl in the straw, etc (The Cock and the Pearl)

Game: What is the proverb? : 5’

Intelligence addressed: kinesthetic, linguistic, logic-mathematical, intrapersonal
One of the Ss is asked be IT. The other Ss get slips of paper on which there are words at random that make up one of the proverbs previously learnt. IT goes to each Ss who has a slip of paper and asks to hear the word written on it. Then IT has to guess the proverb. If IT succeeds in his/ her task, IT chooses the new it.

Read and draw: reading the new fable: The Two Travellers: 15’

Intelligence addressed: linguistic, spatial, interpersonal
The Ss receive handouts of the fable:

Two travellers, seeking rest from the heat of the midday sun, took shelter under a leafy tree.
They soon felt cool and refreshed.
“What sort of tree is this? Does it produce edible fruits?” asked one of the men to the other.
“It’s a plain tree,” said his companion. “Don’t waste your time looking for fruits. It produces neither edible fruits nor good wood. It’s one of the most useless trees around.”
“How can you say that when you’re enjoying my shade at this very moment?” snapped the tree.

Moral: Often, a person’s worst critics are those who have benefited the most from him.

The T reads and draws the story while it progresses. On the drawing the new words are written and a way of memorizing them is stressed. Either the word is found to be rhyming with another one, a far-fetched association is made, a similarity in pronunciation with the Romanian language, and so on…

Eg. wood is pronounced like the Romanian ud.
Seek vs. sick
Rom. Rest vs. English rest
Took, cook, hook, book, rook, look etc
Soon, moon
Refresh – tutty fresh (far fetched)
Plane – plain and so on
Feedback: 5’
Intelligence addressed: linguistic, intrapersonal
The Ss are asked to think of the words they liked best in the text, the words that they liked less.


Intelligence addressed: linguistic, intrapersonal, spatial
The Ss are asked to rewrite the story in easier language.
The Ss are asked to use the new words in sentences of their own.
The Ss are asked to produce their own drawing of the story and to illustrate the proverb.
sursa imaginii : freeschoolclipart.com

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