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Intreaba despre Lesson Plan : Do Pass it on

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Lesson Plan : Do Pass it on

 Q:   Intreaba despre Lesson Plan : Do Pass it on       
Lesson Plan : Do Pass it on English Teaching : Lesson Planning

Form: class 6 C – Unit: Readers Make Leaders - Smart
Level: intermediate (4th year of study)
Time: 50’
Subject of the lesson: Do Pass It on – By H. Chr. Andersen
Teaching aims:

- communicative aims:
• understanding words in context;
• increasing awareness about the way we learn vocabulary
• increasing cultural awareness about similarities and differences between Britons and Romanians
• give personal meaning to the story

Learning aims: By the end of the lesson students will have:
• become aware of the way we learn new vocabulary
• internalized the new vocabulary
• Personalized English through dramatization

Skills: listening, speaking, writing, reading
Aids: the handouts, the blackboard,
Classroom ma nagement:

The classroom: must be clean, comfortable and bright; the chairs must be adapted for the activity and for the regroupings of the children.

Teacher’s attitude: moves around the class, keeps eye contact, focuses attention to whom is speaking, encourages and makes positive remarks, varies the tone of the voice, doesn’t interrupt students rudely for correcting mistakes, smiles, encourages.
- initial: through “warm-up” activity; through “regrouping” activity
- continue: through analysis of answers, activities, observation, stimulation, error correction;
- final: through oral feedback, homework


Warm - up: 5’ (Vocabulary game) – Toss the ball
Intelligence addressed: kinesthetic, linguistic, interpersonal, intrapesonal
Aim: to help the students release stress.
The teacher greets the students and asks the students to throw a ball and say a ‘difficult’ word learnt up to now from the Do Pass It ON – story.
Eg. kerb  lad  pillowcase whistle  trip  lean  hang etc.

dramatization: 20 – 25’

Intelligence addressed: kinesthetic, linguistic, spatial, interpesonal, intrapersonal
The students are asked to improvise the main ‘scenes’ of the story: eg. the applewoman meets Harry, the applewoman meets the washerwoman, the washerwoman helps the little girl and so on. (the are allowed to use their drawings on which they have written the most difficult words for themselves.

Game: Word game: 10’

Intelligence addressed: linguistic, logic-mathematical, intrapersonal
The T calls different difficult words form the text and the Ss are asked to think of synonyms, rhyming words, opposites, homonyms and so on
Eg. road, toad, load; lad, glad; kerb, herb; wipe, ripe; tears, ears, hears; waste, taste; whistle, thistle;
Think – th+ink, sink,
Rope, hope, etc.
Story, tale  tail etc

Feedback: 5’

Intelligence addressed: linguistic, intrapersonal
The Ss, in groups, are asked to think of their favourite part of the story and give explanations


Intelligence addressed: linguistic, intrapersonal
The Ss are asked to add an episode to the story
The Ss are asked to transform an episode of the story into a narration

DO PASS IT ON – A Handout created by the seventh graders

Narrator: Hello ladies and gentlemen! We are here to tell you the story of a boy who liked doing kind things and whenever people said to him … (narrator turns to Person)
Person: It is kind of you to help me, now what can I do for you in return?’,
Narrator: what do you think he said to them? He said…
Harry: Oh do pass it on… I don’t want anything in return…. just pass my bit of kindness on to somebody else. That’s what my mother says we should do with people good to us. Pass it on.
Narrator: Oh, that is a funny thing to say, isn’t it… but it is a very good idea… You’ll see… So, please be all eyes and ears to our show… But I must shut up now because here comes Harry himself…
(Harry comes playing with a ball and whistling. An old apple woman enters carrying a heavy basket)
Apple woman: I must hurry to the market with my apples… I hope to sell them fast…. Oh, I need the money so! My whole body hurts… This basket is heavy and I must hurry…
Narrator: Look… Oh, my God… The old dame trips over the kerb and down she goes with her apples falling all over the road….
Apple woman: . Dear, dear… My apples, my apples, oh… They are all over the place… And I can’t stand up…
(Harry runs to the old lady)
Harry: Lean on me, give me your hand… that’s good… So up…. See… I’ll pick your apples up… and I will clean them with my handkerchief…. Wipe out your tears my dear lady!
Narrator: See, he helped her up, and he is picking up all the apples. Look! He is polishing them with a clean handkerchief and… he is setting them neatly back into the basket. Our Harry!
Apple woman: You are a kind lad! Thank you very much! What can I do to repay you for your kindness? Will you have an apple?
Harry: No thank you! Just pass my bit of kindness on, will you? Bye I have to go now! Have a nice day old lady! I hope you’ll get a good price for your apples!
Narrator: And off he goes... (Harry exits whistling and playing with his ball)
Apple woman: Very well! I’ll pass that bit of kindness on.
Narrator: So down the road she goes with her load and very soon she comes to where a woman is hanging up clothes on a line. Just as the apple woman passes by, the wind takes hold of a pillowcase and no… it blows it over a hedge…. Look! It is almost in the mud.
Washerwoman: Oh, my pillowcase! This damn wind… I work so hard and now you spoil my work… my pillowcase… I can’t run as fast as the wind… Oh, now… it will land in the mud… (The apple woman runs and catches it before it gets dirty)
Apple woman: Here you are my dear lady! Here is your pillowcase!
Washerwoman: Oh, my dear lady I am so grateful! I work from morning till night and… Thank you… That was kind of you… to run like that for my pillowcase, and you don’t even know me…very kind indeed !
Apple woman: Do you think so? (in a pleased voice)… Do pass it on then! Don’t forget to pass on that bit of kindness!
Washerwoman: (to herself) This is a strange request! A very strange request! HMMM! But I think I can do it….
Narrator: Oh, I can hear somebody crying… Ah, it is a little girl…
Washerwoman: (shouting at the top of her voice) Hello, little girl, little girl….What’s the matter little girl ?
Little girl: Oh I’ve been home, but my mother is out and I can’t get any tea (she cries) and I’m so hungry! I can hear my tummy rumbling!
Washerwoman: Poor child! Come along in and I’ll give some bread and jam. I’ve got a bit of kindness to pass on today.
Little girl: (shyly) You’re very kind I wish I could give you back something, but…
Washerwoman: I don’t want anything child! Or, maybe there is something… Do you know what? Why don’t’ you just pass the bit of kindness on, Yes don’t forget: do pass it on.
Narrator: The little girl runs off pleased. (the little girl skips the rope and sings)
Little girl: It is a funny idea to pass a bit of kindness on… The washerwoman is a strange person… but… I think I will do it… If someone needs me… and I doubt it… I am a little girl, what can I do?
Narrator: Her chance soon comes… Please be all eyes and ears… She is passing the cottage where Mrs. Kelly lives with all her children and … here is poor Mrs. Kelly. She is at the door and she looks very worried. I wonder why…
Little girl: Hello, Mrs. Kelly… What’s the matter? You look worried…. What’s wrong?
Mrs. Kelly: Oh I heard my Johnny has fallen down into the next street and his legs hurt him so much, he can’t walk home… (she wrings her hands in despair)… I want to go and fetch him but I can’t leave my other children alone in the house, they are so little… I don’t know what to do…
Little girl: Well I’ve got a bit of kindness to pass on! I’ll mind them for you Mrs. Kelly! So you can run off to fetch Johnny!
Narrator: and the little girl minds the children and plays with them. Mrs. Kelly is coming back with Johnny….
Mrs. Kelly: I’d give you a penny for your kindness (she shakes the piggy bank)… but alas! I haven’t one to spare!
Little girl: Oh I don’t want any payment, I just want you to promise me something Mrs. Kelly! I want you to promise that you do pass it on.“
Mrs. Kelly: (in great surprise) Pass what on?
Little girl: (laughing) My bit of kindness! Bye I must run home! See you…
Mrs. Kelly: Well, that’s not difficult… I will certainly pass it on.
Narrator: She doesn’t have to wait very long… Because see she must walk her children and … When she passes the park gates with her children she sees the park keeper looking very miserable indeed.
Mrs. Kelly: What’s the matter park keeper? Is your wife ill or something?
Park keeper: Oh no! Nothing like that thanks heaven! I forgot to bring my tea with me this afternoon and I’m cold, I wish I had a drop of hot tea to warm me up!
Mrs. Kelly: Oh I’ll send my Bobby to fetch it for you… He knows where your house is!
Park keeper: Oh thanks very much. It is very, very kind of you! Anything I can do to you by any chance?’’
Mrs. Kelly: (in a hurry) No, no… just pass it on that’s all!
Park keeper: Ho! Ho! Ho! I will… I will (laughing) I will… but I can’t see what to do….
Narrator: Oh, what’s the time? It is six! It’s time for the park keeper to go home!
Park keeper: Oh! It’s six! I will ring the bell for every one to go out from the park and soon it will be empty…. Good… Everybody is out… Let me see… Where is the key? Ah, here it is… I lock the gate… and now home I go… Home sweet home… But… (rubbing his eyes)… what is this? I think I know this boy… It is… Harry?
Narrator: Yes! He is right! It is Harry the one who has begun this story of passing on.
Park keeper: What’s up Harry?
Harry: (sobbing) My best ball has gone over the railing… I’m so afraid someone else will find it in the morning, then I shan’t have it anymore…
(The keeper scratches his head and …
Park keeper: There is something I must do… I have to pass on a bit of kindness… (scratches his head)… I’ll go to the park’s gates and unlock them for you, then you can slip in and get your ball! What about that?
Harry: (delighted) Oh I say that is nice of you! But weren’t you on your way home?
Park keeper: Oh that doesn’t matter! I’ve got a bit of kindness to pass on, so perhaps this will do.
Narrator: And back he goes and unlocks the gates for Harry. Harry gets his ball and thanked the keeper. (Harry and park keeper shake hands)
Park keeper: (smiling) Now you just pass that bit of kindness on!
Narrator: Oh isn’t it queer how Harry’s own bit of kindness came back to him. He is busy passing it on again and it may came to you this time. Do pass it on, won’t you….

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